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I have come to the conclusion that not a soul on this earth knows me, and I have no one to blame but myself.

big-heartedmoose asked:
"hey I saw a picture of you in a star wars tshirt and had to check out your blog. lets just say you are stunning. buuut im taking over a friends star wars/lord of the rings blog today and tomorrow. she has a submission day, you should check it out :) lady-war-of-the-ring-stars"

awesome!  I’ll have to check it out :]

and thank you!! :]

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黄昏の姫 | ゆん [pixiv] 

I’m having a give away on my Instagram, and one of the prizes is this lovely seahorse quartz necklace. Follow me on Instagram for a chance to win! Username: xtwii

naevani asked:
"You, and your blog, are so perfect! I just stumbled upon you and I'm so giddy because I feel like our tastes are similar. Excuse me while I stalk your blog for life~"

haha well thank you! <3
And please stalk away! :]

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Follow me on instagram! username: xtwii

New zelda tank top calls for new selfie

Anonymous asked:
"I really love your blog. I also think You're hands down the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

aww why thank you :]
It’s so nice to have possitive comments :]

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Instagram: xtwii

Instagram : xtwii

Finished….will be for sale at

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